I live and die for Wildpop, this is Wildpop for today, I give props to Wildpop, so Wildpop hooray...
(naughty by buergel)

Founded in 1993, the Wildpop Sound System is an underdog music syndicate consisting of 5 DJs: DJ Wildpop, Dr. Chicago (ex- MC Monk), De Slayer (ex- DJ Popgun), Mischmeister Aufzugtechnik (ex- Mischmeister Hochtaunus) and Dee Plattentektonik. They are five individual personalities with their own musical background and preferences, although together they form a massive party force that guarantees a very unique experience to all open minded people. The only law in Wildpop - "Wir sind nicht zum Spaß hier" (e.g. it´s not a fun thing) is reproduced consequently through their mixing styles you can adore on a so-called "Wildpop-Fete". On such an event it is not unusual that people become upset, angry or even mad under the influence of pure, unfailing Wildpop. Often, the stress factor is growing exponentially with the sound. Then the Wildpop Sound System is happy. Besides DJing, they also produce their own trax at East End Studios One and Two in Frankfurt and Berlin. For a better impression I have included some audio files on this page. All artists appear courtesy by Zehnkampf . For information on upcoming events, booking, releases etc. mail to the Wildpop Sound System .

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sind wundervoll!

DJ Wildpop

DJ since: 1987

Musical preferences: Disco, House, HipHop, Easy Listening (especially James Last), Chillout, Records without music, and all incredibly strange stuff I can get on the local flea markets.

Musical aversions: nearly every track containing an electric guitar, and some forms of new folk pop age hippie bullshit.

Best DJ Job: Sylvester 95/96 in Bad Sachsa (Harz/Germany). 3 bottles of champagne, a few more joints, and a crowd that was really movin´...

Worst DJ Job: Trying to spin the wheels at my mother´s 50th birthday: after two songs, they amplifier broke down...

Most annoying event: when I gave a party on my last birthday down by the riverside... the f**n COPS busted it at about 7 p.m. !!! That´s Frankfurt...

Records I would never play: none!

Funniest thing happened on a party: nobody came (happens quite often...)

Biggest mistake ever: when I lost control, destroyed a stylus and broke some records

Own creations: the TONY MONO/MONY TONO tape series (Wildpop Tapes Bürgel), A typ called Tüte, Canal Admirabis (Zehnkampf )
                            and Frankie Patella

Future plans: quitting DJing

Mail To:    DJ Wildpop

Audio: download excerpt from "Eskimono"- Canal Admirabis (mono, 8 bit, 11025 Hz, zipped WAV, 165 kb, courtesy by Zehnkampf )

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DJ since: 1985

Musical preferences: Freestyle

Musical aversions: Calypso, American Guitar Rock

Best DJ Job: Zahnarzt (300 DM)

Worst DJ Job: Gambrinus (2,50 DM)

Most annoying event: candle wax on the needle

Records I would never play: angular records

Funniest thing happened on a party: wie sich der Heide die Fürze mit dem Feuerzeug angezündet hat

Biggest mistake ever: buying 2 turntables and a mixer

Own creations: Bodo Elsel

Future plans: mehr Zehnkampf & mehr Dreck

Mail To:    Dr.Chicago

Audio: download excerpts from "Anti Skate"-220 D & "RMX"- Pond (mono, 8 bit, 11025 Hz, zipped WAV, 182 kb, courtesy by Zehnkampf )

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De Slayer

DJ since:

Musical preferences:

Musical aversions:

Best DJ Job:

Worst DJ Job:

Most annoying event:

Records I would never play:

Funniest thing happened on a party:

Biggest mistake ever:

Own creations:

Future plans:

Mail to: De Slayer

Audio: download excerpt from "Basement Jam"- Pludra (mono, 8 bit, 11025 Hz, zipped WAV,193 kb, courtesy by Zehnkampf )

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Mischmeister Aufzugtechnik

DJ since: from time immemorial

Musical preferences: Industrial Reggae, Richard Clayderman, Johnny Walker, Johnny Hill

Musical aversions: House, Techno , Paganini

Best DJ Job: Sylvester 95/96 in Bad Sachsa/Harz (Germany) ...fabulous...

Worst DJ Job: too many to mention

Most annoying event: to watch Dr. Chicago posing for the press together with Frankfurt´s constabulary chief Udo C. during a city-sponsored rave in a subway station

Records I would never play: none!

Funniest thing happened on a party: when I forgot my record case on the street after "Save Our Night II", a nightly demo against suppression of party culture

Biggest mistake ever: to start working

Own creations: Horst Senegal - featured on Zehnkampf 001 & 003

Future plans: nix, aber auch ganik

Mail to: Mischmeister Aufzugtechnik

Audio: download excerpt from "Zoologischer Discokurs"- Horst Senegal (mono, 8 bit, 11025 Hz, zipped WAV, 205 kb, courtesy by Zehnkampf )

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Dee Plattentektonik

DJ since: 93/94

Musical preferences: starting at 100bpm, ends with 200 bpm

Musical aversions: program music

Best DJ Job: excessive.acid at Café Exzess (1995)

Worst DJ Job: Orberall at Antagon Theater - program music!

Most annoying event: Mayday 97

Records I would never play: none!

Funniest thing ever happened on a party:

Biggest mistake ever: me

Own creations: several trax on Sport & Zehnkampf

Future plans: no future

Mail to: Dee Plattentektonik

Audio: download excerpt from "Vollcore-N"- James "Gitarren" Lastig (mono, 8 bit, 11025 Hz, zipped WAV, 230 kb, courtesy by Zehnkampf )

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dj wildpop´s all time top 20

1. a love supreme - john coltrane
2. string free - pfortune
3. happy brasilia - james last
4. unfinished sympathy - massive attack
5. the r - eric b. & rakim
6. good times - chic
7. i´m not in love - 10cc
8. strictly business - epmd
9. music - dj pierre
10. acid trax - phuture
11. planet rock - afrika bambataa & the soul sonic force
12. black man - stevie wonder
13. a far l´amore comincia tù - raffaela carra
14. a horse with no name - america
15. humanoid - stakker humanoid
16. c.r.e.a.m. - wu-tang clan
17. fantom (the wandering ghost) - jimi tenor
18. gypsy woman - crystal waters
19. sensational beats - kenlou 3
20. allzeit gute fahrt - johnny hill

mischmeister hochtaunus´ all time top 20

1. shannon - let the music play
2. the upsetters - blackboard jungle dub
3. bvsmp - I need you
4. alpha blondy & the wailers - jerusalem
5. anita ward - ring my bell
6. sophia george - girlie girlie
7. wum´s gesang - ich wünsch mir `ne kleine miezekatze
8. santa esmeralda - don´t let me be misunderstood
9. lkj - brain smashing dub
10. depeche mode - everything counts
11. pink floyd - wish you were here
12. a16x - bullenpest
13. santana - oye como va
14. adolf noise - käpt´n gunnarson
15. spliff - deja vu
16. bob marley - zimbabwe
17. maria luisa - willst du mit mir gehen?
18. boney m. - no woman no cry
19. mc greencorn - get the weib
20. grace jones - slave to the rhythm

dr. chicago´s all time top 20

1. strings of life - rhythm is rhythm
2. the bridge is over - bdp
3. popcorn - hot butter
4. 5 nights of bleedin' - lkj
5. vapors - biz markie
6. libertango (i've seen this face before) - grace jones
7. spastik - plastikman
8. i'll house you - jungle brothers
9. let the music play - shannon
10. lyrice of fury - eric b. & rakim
11. unfinished sympathy - massive attack
12. blaue augen - ideal
13. lfo - lfo
14. how i could just kill a man - cypress hill
15. big fun - inner city
16. beat street breakdown - melle mel & the furious five
17. move your body - marshall jefferson
18. it's a man's man's man's world - james brown
19. 17 jahr blondes haar - udo jürgens
20. strictly business - epmd

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zehnkampf werkschau
sunday, march 2nd, 1997, 8 p.m.
ostklub, hanauer landstr.99, frankfurt/main, germany

sport gigs
21.02.97 ulm - sauschdall awareness
22.02.97 saarbrücken - lounge

wildpop feten
25.12.2001 acht jahre wildpop
30.04.2002 m-day

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Zehnkampf 001 - Zehnkampf (1996)
Zehnkampf 002 - Diskkko (1996)
upcoming: Zehnkampf 003 - Unstruktur (1997)

Sport 001 (1996)

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2 Technics SL-1210 MKII Turntables
2 Ortofon Concorde Pro Broadcast E Stylus
5 Dual Turntables, diverse
4 Portable Turntables, diverse
3 Conrad Soundcraft Stereo Mixer 6+2
7 Headphones, diverse
6 CD-Player, diverse
6 Tapedecks, diverse
6 Amplifier, diverse
Mackie 1604 Mixer
Emu E64 Sampler
Yamaha SU-10 Sampler
Roland TR 606 Drummachine
Roland TR 808 Drummachine
Novation Drumstation
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR 660 Drummachine
Korg MS-10 Synthesizer
Korg MS-20 Synthesizer
Korg Monopoly Synthesizer
Yamaha TX-7 Synthesizer
Roland Juno 60 Synthesizer
Kawai K-4 Synthesizer
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Synthesizer
Tascam DAT
Sony DAT
Sony Video8 HiFi-Camcorder
Nordmende HiFi-VCR
6 TV, diverse
5 Atari 2600 Videogame Consoles
2 Nintendo Gameboys
1 Atari 1040 STF
4 PC, 386-586

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